Yaz Şarkısı

Yaz Şarkısı (S01E02)


The lie of Murat's marriage proposal, which Yaz tells to her mother Emine, grows so big involuntarily that both Yaz and Murat desperately try to maintain this lie in its most realistic form. Murat magnifies Yaz's excuse of being fired from the bank and temporarily working in this company so well and sells it to Emine that Emine is sure that they are two young people in love with each other. She even thinks that Murat has got Yaz hired at the company where he works because of his love. But of course, she does not ignore the possibility that this company is also a lie and goes to the place where they work with her future son-in-law and daughter. Kemal, who is trying to convince the boss of Smile Music about the new vocalist, comes to the company with Mehmet and puts Yaz in a difficult situation. Kemal introduces Yaz to Mehmet as the new vocalist. Although Yaz had rejected all Kemal's attempts to get her to sing the song with him, this sudden encounter changes the situation completely. Yaz suddenly finds herself in poster shootings and music video preparations. Emine is not idle during this time and wants to meet her sister-in-law with the desire to have a wedding as soon as possible.