Yaz Şarkısı

Yaz Şarkısı (S01E01)


Platonic lovers want to be in front of the person they are in love with, to do something good for them, to make their life easier so that they notice them. They wait to be visible, quietly, calmly and without losing hope. But patience does not always pay off. The longer they remain invisible, the more they get frustrated, the louder they shout, the more they go unnoticed, and the more they start throwing themselves around. Just like Yaz... 

Yaz attempts a big job for the famous singer Kemal, unbeknownst to him. With Aslı's advice, this move will elevate her in Kemal's eyes and perhaps make him fall in love with her because Kemal's only goal these days is the partnership with the American Smile music company and the duet that will announce this partnership to the world. But secrets unknown to Yaz cause this plan to explode very severely. With this move, she loses her job, let alone her favour with Kemal. Yaz has lost her love, her job and the chance to fulfill her father's dream. Moreover, her mother, Emine, knows her beloved Gülbeyaz (Yaz) as a banker and expects her to return to her hometown one day and take over the management of the tens of acres of ancestral tea gardens. Therefore, Yaz hid her job at Km Music from her mother and could not tell her that she was unemployed.

Time is also running out for Kemal. In a few days, Smile Music has to come up with a finished song and a new female vocalist to sing it with Kemal. Although demos from all the singers and influencers affiliated with KM Music fail, a secret recording by Murat turns all the balances upside down. 

As he has been doing since high school, Murat pulls Kemal out of the difficult situation he has fallen into with his last move. Murat, who made Kemal Kemal with the song lyrics he wrote and the compositions he made, saved him but put himself in a very bad corner. As everyone tries to make their own way in secret, fate has new plans for all of them...