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Yaz Şarkısı (Melody of Love)

Things get complicated when it is revealed that Neriman is Murat's mother. Neriman says, "I don't accept this girl as a bride", while Emine tries to understand what is going on. When she puts her own method into action to soften the situation, she gets herself into trouble. Murat is already trapped between his love and his mother. While he is trying to solve this situation, Kemal is not idle and has planned a surprise that will impress Yaz and make her feel at ease. Of course, this plan causes Yaz, who is trying to win Murat's favor, to forget her promise and leave Murat in a difficult situation. Yaz, whose equilibrium is thrown into turmoil by Kemal's closeness, thinks that Murat is unfair to her. The words "this boy is in love with you" that she hears around her start to occupy her mind. When she tries to ask him to account for this, what happens to her will put everyone in trouble, especially herself.