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Yargı (Family Secrets)

Ceylin has chosen to accept herself as she is in her inner battle. Unspoken things from the past cause tension and distrust between her and Ilgaz. Moreover, now that prosecutor Iclal is right beside them, with all the mystery of Ilgaz's past times...

The veil of mystery behind Kadir's death is about to be lifted. The first person Iclal, the prosecutor, suspects and orders an operation against will shock everyone. Ceylin, wanting to reveal the truth as soon as possible, will put herself and Yekta in a difficult situation by choosing dangerous paths.

Faced with a situation he never wanted, Çınar comes face to face with the opposite desires of the people in the association. Events are rapidly spiraling out of control around him. Meanwhile, as the relationships within Yiğit's family are revealed one by one, the discovery of a secret witness will have an unexpected impact on the case.

Ceylin and Ilgaz's relationship, which has emerged stronger from all kinds of difficult circumstances, is on the brink of a whole new turning point. Wounds that are repairable are constantly being tested with those that have already scabbed over... Just when they could heal each other in every difficulty, fate prepares them for tests they never expected.