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Yargı (Family Secrets)

Ilgaz's conversation has stirred unexpected emotions within Ceylin. She finds herself questioning whether she is truly happy with the life she's leading and the person she has become due to fate's twists and turns. She feels torn between what she has expressed to Ilgaz and what remains unsaid.

The discovery of Yiğit's body has sent shockwaves through everyone. The entire family is now under suspicion. As Ceylin endeavors to unravel the family's secrets, she will also come to realize that even Yekta, who is seemingly close to her, is keeping secrets from her.

Merdan is on the brink of accessing Kadir's hidden fortune through his plan with Osman. Meanwhile, Çınar is becoming increasingly integrated with his new association friends. Kürşat's news of death will serve as the catalyst for a completely different path for Çınar.

Fırat's forced involvement in the Yiğit case has created a rift in Ceylin and Ilgaz's relationship. While their relationship has been tested before, this time, the distance between them seems harder to bridge.