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Yargı (Family Secrets)

Ceylin and Ilgaz were trying to resolve their tense relationship when Iclal's arrival hit their agenda like a bomb. Witnessing the conversation between Ilgaz and Iclal from the interrogation room has left Ceylin shaken, expecting a back story she has never heard before.

The events that started with Yiğit's death and escalated with the murder of his brother Mustafa, who was a secret witness, have become increasingly complicated. The last veil covering Cennet's family, which seemed ordinary at first glance, will also be lifted, revealing all hidden truths.

In the Kaya family, who has not yet overcome the loss of their father, things are still unsettled. After Merdan was arrested on suspicion of killing Kadir, all arrows are now pointing at Çınar as the suspect. Çınar's journey is leading everyone around him towards an uncertain end.

Ceylin, who doesn't hesitate to use any means necessary for her loved ones, is facing an impossible situation. Caught between the promises she made to Ilgaz, the need to save Çınar, the truth-seeking Iclal, and her family, she is stuck. And this time, with Yekta also involved in lifting the stone for Çınar...