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Yargı (S02E08)


Ilgaz finally found the well killer he had been looking for for days and had to shoot Burak, albeit unintentionally. Now, on the one hand, the remorse of the possibility of being a murderer, on the other hand, the criticality of the situation of his dear friend Eren makes him question himself deeply.

Even though everything seems like an obvious "red-handed" operation, there is Yekta on the other side, who is a master at muddying the water all the time. This time, Yekta has added a strong and wealthy businessperson to her side, and things are actually going as she wishes. The efforts of Yekta, who is trying to bend the event in her favor, will bear fruit and will blow everyone away with an unexpected surprise.

Ilgaz, who will be tested both with his own and his friends' reputations, needs Ceylin more than ever. Moreover, this time, not only the two of them, but everyone they love has much more to lose; They will need new plans to cope.

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