Yargı (S02E07)


Ilgaz has revealed the identity of the psychopath that everyone is looking for. Now is the time to find the necessary evidence and ensure justice. Ceylin, on the one hand, is trying to get rid of the traces of the trauma she experienced, on the other hand, she is after the answer to a question that haunts her mind, who killed the taxi driver inside?

Yekta, who is one step closer to regaining his former glory days and getting stronger, has annoyed the team enough by getting involved in the case. However, while Yekta is dreaming of reaching his goal, in fact, there are other plans that life has prepared for all of them; Yekta's plan will change direction with a sharp bend.

Ilgaz, who is relieved with the happiness of finding Ceylin and being together again, awaits an unexpected choice in the final; This choice catches Ilgaz on a fine line between death and life. This sudden decision he has to make will radically change his life and start a great struggle in which the sides become sharper.

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