Yargı (S02E21)


Ilgaz is making great effort to find Defne as soon as possible. Time is getting narrower. Everyone around him, especially Ceylin, helps him with all his strength. Now they will get a big clue. The death of Salim and Rıdvan turned all the rules upside down. The results of Pars' impulsive decision quickly lead him to great destruction. On the other hand, Metin's critical life situation continues, and Çınar questions his brother's decisions. On the side of Yekta and Ömer, who are involved in the event as clients from the groom's side, Ömer is in a hurry to play an unexpected trump card. An unexpected reaction will come from Ceylin to this move, which will redefine the fronts. Despite the problems between them, Ilgaz-Ceylin couple, who are trying to reach a solution together even in this case, which threatens all the members of their family, is at a crossroads. They have to make a decision in divorce cases.

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