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Yargı (S02E20)


Defne's video deeply hurt everyone, especially Ilgaz and Ceylin. The events that started with a small spark are about to turn into an unstoppable fire. Capturing the end of the rope, Ilgaz will mobilize all his might to pull it all out as soon as possible. The "dead bride" case has been resolved, but no one has any intention of leaving the groom Salim behind. Every piece of information from him is important in finding Defne. There is still a big veil of secrecy behind Salim. The great power he has behind him is full of question marks. While everyone is united to find Defne, Çınar cooperates with Eyüp, who speaks to her as an eyewitness. Yekta and Ömer make a new plan to use Ilgaz's desperation in their favor while their client Salim's guilt has been revealed. All the time that has passed is working against them. A very painful event awaits them on a road they set off without seeing the end.