Yargı (S02E19)


When Defne's bag is found at the crime scene, Ilgaz's world falls apart. Moreover, Metin's situation is critical, and the magnitude of the evil that this gang dealing with them can do now makes everyone nervous. Resolving the "dead bride" case as soon as possible is also very important in terms of finding Defne. Ilgaz, Ceylin, and the people around them put their lives in their teeth and focus on solving the incident as soon as possible by mobilizing all safety. But Yekta and Ömer, who do not hesitate to resort to all kinds of dark ways, do not sit idle either. While the secrets of Çetin, who are included in the case file, are revealed one by one, the biggest reflection of this is the relationship between Osman and Aylin. Eyüp, who attracts the attention of Çınar, unexpectedly comes with a move that will be right in the middle of the events. Until now, Ceylin is Ilgaz's biggest supporter, who believes that any road can be followed when it comes to "protecting her loved ones", but it will not be easy to find Defne. There is a more serious and dangerous gang in front of them than they thought, Ilgaz falls into a great dilemma in order to save Defne.

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