Yargı (S02E18)


The bomb, which was placed in Ilgaz's car and detonated in front of everyone in the garden the police, created a great shock to everyone. No one he loves, especially Ilgaz, is safe. The only issue for Ilgaz is now to find the truth behind this murder. Who committed the murder in the "dead bride" case now becomes very important to find the name behind the bomb and the threats. Both the bride's and groom's families are coded as major suspects. But as the groom's lawyer, familiar faces suddenly become involved; Yekta Tilmen and her son Ömer…

Ilgaz, Eren and Ceylin, go over each clue one by one and decide to solve the mystery about Çetin. Aylin will be the most upsetting person on this road. Ilgaz and Ceylin have to stand side by side to watch each other in this press; The love they try to bury in the bottom of their hearts causes them to worry like crazy about each other. However, the threats will not end and Ilgaz's patience will be severely tested.