Yargı (S02E17)


Ceylin finds herself in a new dilemma. The threatening phone that comes to her regarding the file will create new tension with Ilgaz, who she is already at odds with. Will the sense of protecting the man she loves on the one hand, and the reflex of reaching the truth in the case as soon as possible be enough to keep them together? In the investigation of the "bride found dead on the wedding day", Ilgaz and Eren are after exactly what happened on the wedding day. With every truth revealed in the case, a web of strange and mysterious relationships emerges. While Yekta Tilmen tries to get to know his son Ömer even better, Ömer's unpredictable behavior will surprise him day by day. In the absence of Merdan, a grandfather's legacy awaits Çınar. Ilgaz, who has faced many threats due to his profession until now, is concerned about not compromising justice in any way. But no one, including Ilgaz, could have foreseen the extent of the threat to be so great and serious. Increasing threats will change the whole course of the case.