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Yargı (Family Secrets)

Bringing his family together intact, Ilgaz intends not to leave the Balkan mafia case without a complete solution. His biggest goal is to bring down this gang, which harms everyone in some way and has a hard time, and to keep his family together again. Danger bells are ringing for Özge, she has fallen into a big game that touches everyone, but she will get an unexpected companion who can get her out of this grip. The successive death news has devastated everyone. It is up to the youth and Merdan to fix Defne's psychology. He was able to intervene in Yekta Ilgaz's file through an old acquaintance. It's time for Yekta, who learned the game that was set up for her thanks to Ömer, to make a plan to counterattack. Ilgaz is after a big step to stay together with Ceylin after a lot of hardships. After all the evil that has befallen them, they will have to hold hands even tighter than ever.