Yargı (S02E10)


After Serdar's death, everyone was shocked. While Ilgaz is trying to figure out how this murder happened, Ceylin comes to the aid of a friend who is in trouble, unaware of everything. However, on the other hand, she cannot understand the strange behavior of his family, especially Aylin.

Yekta Serdar is preparing to wage a new war against this quartet by turning the murder in her favor again, but he is not even aware that a truth that will turn his life upside down. Pars is determined to go after Rafet with the information she got from Turgut Ali. On the other hand, he tries to help Derya because Derya will face a formidable lawyer in her new case.

While both Ilgaz and Ceylin strive to reach different realities, they try to live by enjoying the peace they have just attained. However, every new piece of information they learn takes them step by step toward irreversible destruction.

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