Yargı (S02E11)


For Ceylin, who pulls the end of the rope, it's time to get answers to her questions. However, all these answers also concern Ilgaz, who is dealing with the Serdar case. A difficult bend awaits Ceylin, who is caught between her family and justice. The reputation of Pars, the Chief Prosecutor, who has barely found a balance in his work and relationship, is about to be shaken by the news of "forbidden love in the courthouse", and he is about to find a solution. On the other hand, Derya-Ceylin has to balance the relationship that has been strained by the Arda incident. A secret from her past will upset Yekta, who dreams of catching the good old days in her new office. The paths of Ilgaz and Ceylin, who are walking towards the same conclusion from different sides of the case, are about to cross once again. Every knowledge they acquire will turn into a big hump on their back.

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