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Yalı Çapkını

Yalı Çapkını (S02E27)


Even though the ice between Ferit and Seyran melts, Seyran says that there are problems they need to solve. Halis Aga's announcement that he will marry Hattuç creates a bombshell in the house, and the biggest support comes from his grandson Ferit. Thinking that she will completely lose her power in the house if this marriage takes place, İfakat starts to consider blood-curdling plans. Halis Aga and Hattuç, who want to make up for the good days they could not live in the past, want everything to proceed in the marriage process without any deficiencies. Kazım is surprised by his aunt's decision. Ferit, who better understands Seyran's value, supports her in everything and surrounds her. There are unexpected developments between Pelin and Kaya. On the day of the engagement, it falls to Ferit to ask Hattuç from Kazım, but what Hattuç asks for as a bride price shocks everyone.

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