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Yalı Çapkını

Yalı Çapkını (S02E26)


Orhan's release from prison makes everyone very happy, but Suna and Kaya's announcement that they are getting divorced breaks all morale. Kaya raising his hand to Suna causes an outrage in the house and Ferit, who is furious, stops him. The news that Kaya raised her hand to Suna enrages Seyran and Kazım and they go to Korhan's house, but they get an unexpected reaction from Suna. Deciding to put a stop to Kazım's bullying, Ferit pulls Seyran away from Kazım, risking everything. In a tender and loving moment between the two, Seyran explains why she had to get engaged. Seyran's sacrifice impresses everyone and with the help of Count Ziya, they neutralize Ökkeş. While there is a surprise development between Halis Aga and Hattuç, Ferit, who wants to leave the difficult days behind, tries to convince Seyran to make a new start.

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