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Yalı Çapkını

Yalı Çapkını (S02E28)


Hattuç's arrival is a harbinger that the order in the mansion will change completely. With Halis Aga's endless support, Hattuç begins to make his authority felt while everyone in the house is on edge. As İfakat is shaken by a development she learns from her doctor, she realizes that she must hurry to make an important decision. As the henna preparations continue at home, Ferit, who suspects that a retaliatory attack may come, asks for increased security measures and is justified in his suspicions. Orhan, who wants to increase his power in the company again, does not hesitate to take drastic steps. As the closeness between Pelin and Kaya leads to new conflicts, Seyran sternly warns Pelin. Leaving the bad days of the past behind, Ferit and Seyran make each other feel their love and trust. A terrible surprise awaits Halis and Hattuç, who have been waiting for years for the day they will be reunited on their happiest day.

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