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Yabani (S01E35)


The walls of secrets crumble. Everyone has now seen Serhan's true face. With no other option but to flee, Serhan even resorts to holding Neslihan hostage and blackmailing her family. Determined not to sacrifice his siblings to Serhan, Yaman tries to keep their mother’s abduction a secret from the children. However, keeping Alaz away from this horrific truth will be difficult. The ultimate confrontation with Serhan is inevitable.

Yaman is ready to do whatever it takes to save his mother. But the only power that can draw Serhan out of his hiding place is his children. Consumed by guilt, Çağla becomes a pawn in the game. Ece, on the other hand, uncovers some truths before anyone else. Serhan is about to be tested with what he trusts most—his children.

Meanwhile, Neslihan and Şebnem are locked up together, and the two women lay all their cards on the table. Serhan’s pressures induce Şebnem’s premature labor pains. On one side, Neslihan must save both the baby and the mother. On the other, Yaman is determined to reach them in time and not let Serhan slip away. However, the race against time results in painful losses for everyone involved.