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Yabani (S01E34)


Yaman has only one goal: to save Rüya! Rüya is locked up among people who don't believe her, unable even to tell who she really is. And the danger is growing.

For Serhan, who thinks he has Sebnem under control, the only risk he needs to eliminate is Rüya. Will Yaman be able to find Rüya in time, or is the young girl about to fall into Serhan's hands like her mother?

Serhan's exposure depends on all his children seeing his true face and standing by Yaman. Meanwhile, Çağla is cornered by Yakup. Asi and Alaz intervene. Alaz's move to protect his brother pushes the boundaries of love.

Yaman sets up a game of all or nothing to bring his siblings to his side. However, as the walls of secrets crumble, there is nothing left for Serhan to not dare.

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