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Yabani (S01E33)


Rüya cannot be found despite all efforts. The world stops for Yaman. Without Rüya by his side, his desire to continue this war will also run out. Neslihan and Güven's only goal is to try to keep their son alive. 

Çağla lies about what happened with Rüya. She also tries to hide the audio recording from Şebnem that proves all of Serhan's crimes. Alaz is forced to be a partner in his brother's lie. The only person who can stop Alaz from destroying himself is Asi. But Asi is determined to find out what the twins are hiding first. 

As Rüya's fate becomes clearer, Şebnem becomes the focus of Yaman's anger. Yaman's only goal is to catch Şebnem, who sacrificed her daughter for her own sins. Serhan, on the other hand, has realized his dream and returned home with his family. Now, he must find and eliminate Şebnem without spoiling their game. However, Şebnem is determined not to burn without dragging Serhan along with her. She has made her plan. Especially after what happened to Rüya, she and Serhan are now enemies. And the outcome of Serhan and Şebnem's clash has the power to affect everyone's fate. 

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