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Yabani (S01E32)


Elif leaves a clue to Yaman with her last remaining strength. Yaman chases after this clue to find out who hit her and ran away. There is no one he can trust anymore except Asi and Cesur. The youngsters follow Rüya, Alaz, and Çağla separately. Alaz is hurt when Asi approaches her to gather information. Neslihan also tries to intervene in the stormy relationship between the two young people. Will Alaz be willing to act like Serhan's son and continue lying to Yaman under all this pressure? Yaman decides to trust the growing sense of brotherhood between him and Alaz.

Çağla, on the other hand, is still under her father's influence and is inclined to protect him. This pits her and Rüya against each other. The only reason for Rüya's silence is the baby in Şebnem's belly. But if Şebnem's other crimes are revealed, will it be possible to silence Rüya? 

There are people around Rüya who are determined not to let this happen. As Şebnem is cornered, she tries to secure herself against Serhan. Güven, who has no faith in either of them, follows the traces they leave behind step by step. Just as Yaman is beginning to believe that he can bring Alaz to his side, a disaster shows them all that the price they will pay is too heavy.