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Yabani (S01E31)


When it is revealed that Serhan lured Neslihan into a marriage trap, Güven loses control. Just when Yaman is about to expose all Serhan's dirty tricks because of what Melek has told him, Güven's uncontrolled outburst gives Serhan a much-needed trump card. Even if the price is heavy, Serhan will use this new trump card to the fullest. Because his dirty secrets with Şebnem have started to come out like a sock, Serhan is willing to risk everything to save himself from this trouble. But he cannot stop one thing. For his children to find out everything! 

Rüya is only willing to keep quiet for a while for her brother, who will be born. Yaman is now sure that she is hiding something, but he cannot figure out what it is. When Alaz and Çağla become partners in Rüya's secret, things get complicated. Will not only her lover lie to Yaman now, but also her siblings? Alaz rebels once again against the fate his father dragged him to. Being a man like Serhan means betraying those closest to him again and again, hurting the ones he loves the most. Alaz doesn't know how to carry this heavy legacy that his father has placed on his shoulders. The fear that one day he will hurt Asi makes Alaz take some steps he never wanted to take.  

Yaman, who doesn't know who to trust anymore, starts to take Elif's warnings seriously. But Elif's effort to expose all the lies told to Yaman is about to result in someone getting seriously hurt.