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Yabani (Wild Heart)

Neslihan and Güven embrace their love of twenty years after all the obstacles they face. While Serhan is eagerly waiting for the moment when the game he set up for them will explode, Güven and Neslihan are immersed in the belief that love will overcome every obstacle. But this love seems to bring Yaman and Alaz, who have only recently accepted their brotherhood, back to the old days. Alaz's love for Asi is about to be tested by the difference in class between them. Is their love strong enough to overcome this test? 

The mystery of who actually kidnapped Yaman when he was young is now inevitably on the way to being solved step by step. Feride, who believes that Neslihan has finally found happiness, shares her information with the police. Elif is after Şebnem and Rüya, whom she believes to be her accomplice. After what Melek told her, Rüya now pressures her mother to tell the truth. But will she be able to share what she has learned with Yaman? Is the truth stronger or their unshakable trust in each other? Yaman and Rüya's love is about to be tested with Melek's fate. 

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