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Yabani (Wild Heart)

Elif approaches Yaman, whom she reunites with after years, and his close circle with the reflex of a policewoman, and she does not trust Rüya in the first place. This shakes the whole friendship balance. New information will show whether Elif is right or wrong. Elif holds such a key in the world that she enters with her police identity, and she will be the salvation of some and the nightmare of others.

Neslihan, threatened by Özge to completely break away from Güven, is forced to hug Serhan while falling into the sea. Neslihan must both protect Güven and keep Serhan under control. The knot is untied thanks to someone no one counted on, but Serhan has already found a playground to put himself back at the center of events.

Yaman helps Tolga, who has to free himself from the dark legacy of his father, Zafer. At the venue, all the young people organize a party for the children. Asi and Alaz are aware of the dimension they have jumped to in their relationship after declaring their love for each other at the brink of death. But during the event, Rüya receives information that turns her whole world upside down. Now she has to make a decision. Will she prove Elif right with her next steps, or will she stay true to her great love for Yaman? 

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