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Yabani (S01E28)


The heavy burden of killing Yaman and not being able to save Asi now falls on Alaz's shoulders. After watching the video sent by Zafer, Serhan rushes to his son Alaz. But Alaz now knows that Serhan is helping Zafer and pushes his father away. He has only one goal: not to lose Asi like Yaman! And he is ready to do anything for that. 

While everyone is after little Melek, protecting this innocent girl is Yaman's legacy to Rüya. Rüya firmly embraces this legacy. She is about to realize that she has to protect Melek from Serhan the most. Serhan, who has to choose between his conscience and logic, has already made his decision. 

Neslihan, on the other hand, cannot accept that her son is dead. Together with Güven, she goes after a trail belonging to Yaman. Zafer Demirhan is now everyone's target. This nightmare has to end as soon as possible! Cesur enters an irreversible dead end with the motivation to avenge both his childhood and Yaman. As everyone's true face is revealed, one by one, a secret helping hand from the past reaches out. All these experiences will be the end for some and the beginning for others.