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Yabani (S01E27)


As Yaman takes a dangerous turn on the road to revenge against Zafer Demirhan, the lives of his loved ones and his own hang in the balance. 

Serhan realizes that the only way to escape the imminent danger facing Neslihan, himself, and their children is to do as told. Unaware of the danger, Neslihan becomes irked by the reactions to her presence around Zafer. Meanwhile, tension rises between Özge and Güven, leading to the realization of Özge's fears.

With the help of Alaz and Asi, Yaman tracks Zafer's moves using Leyla. They discover that another child's life is in danger. Rüya rebels against the closeness between Leyla and Yaman, not knowing the true reason behind it. Yaman takes action to ensure that another innocent person does not fall victim to Zafer's dirty deeds. For both Alaz and Yaman, it is time to make irreversible choices. And Yaman is ready to both die and kill on this path.