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Yabani (S01E26)


Yaman has only one goal now. To confront Zafer and get his revenge! At any cost. But as he approaches his goal, he meets the person he least expects. Someone who will show Yaman that this path will be more complicated than it seems. 

Zafer's plan to involve Soysalan Hospital in his dirty crime network depends entirely on Serhan's attitude. Serhan sees that if he tries to resist, his family and Neslihan will face danger. On the other hand, it is of utmost importance that ลžebnem does not reveal that she is pregnant with his baby. But ลžebnem, whose relationship with Rüya has softened thanks to the baby in her belly, is determined not to give in to Serhan's impositions. 

Özge starts to use her position as chief physician to keep Neslihan and Güven away from each other. Neslihan, on the other hand, realizes that Yaman and Alaz are up to something secretive and worries about what kind of trouble her sons are heading towards. Not knowing that trouble is approaching her too... 
Asi and Cesur come face to face with their past, which they have tried to forget after their encounter with Zafer. For Cesur, what happened is a trauma that is harder to overcome. His brothers embrace him like they did when they were children. Alaz takes care of Asi. Yaman tries to protect Rüya by keeping her away from him. Yaman and Alaz stand shoulder to shoulder as brothers for the first time. But will it be possible to stop Yaman from walking to his death on the path of revenge?