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Yabani (S01E25)


Yaman realizes that the main culprit behind his and also Asi and Cesur's traumas from their childhood on the streets is right under his nose. He must protect the people he loves from this ghost of the past. He must face this ghost alone, keep Asi and Cesur away, and not endanger Rüya. However, as he gets closer to his goal, he realizes just how close the danger actually is to all of them.

Serhan's realization of his connection to this man takes things to a whole new level. The gates of hell are truly opening for Yaman and his friends.
This new but actually old enemy strengthens the bond between Yaman and Alaz. Understanding how the past has left its mark on Asi, Alaz holds onto his love, which he can no longer deny, even tighter. But healing the wounds he has inflicted on Asi's heart is not easy, and his own mistakes are pushing Asi towards the center of danger.

Accepting the truths about Deniz won't be easy for Güven and Özge. However, in an impossible situation, Neslihan extends a helping hand to Özge. The two women are being tested both with their loves and in their motherhood. And one of them will have to know when to step back.