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Yabani (S01E24)


Yaman realizes that Deniz is a clinical case unlike any he has encountered before, after hearing about the message sent by Rüya to Deniz. Unaware of everything, Rüya is being manipulated by Deniz. Yaman has no choice but to prove to everyone Deniz's manipulative personality. However, Deniz has calculated all his moves so far. Yaman is determined to disrupt this calculation.

After Serhan regains control of the hospital management, his first move surprises Güven and Neslihan. Güven, after learning about Özge's pregnancy, is in a complex situation where he cannot give a clear answer about their marriage. Özge hears what she needs to hear from Güven from Serhan instead. This situation makes it easier for Serhan to use Özge against Güven and Neslihan. Neslihan is the only one standing by Yaman's side when he is cornered by Deniz. The conflict between Yaman and Deniz brings Neslihan and Özge back face to face.

Manipulation is the best weapon Deniz can use against Yaman. He realizes that if he wants to defeat Yaman, he needs to pull everyone around him to his side. The only person he cannot influence is Alaz, who goes crazy when he sees Deniz around Asi. As Cesur progresses step by step in mafia affairs, his brave personality rapidly propels him forward. However, an unexpected encounter will bring back the greatest pains of Yaman and his friends' childhood spent in the streets.

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