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Yabani: Season 1, Episode 24 Recap


This episode begins with Yaman & Alaz racing each other in expensive cars along with two girls we do not know. We are then taken back 2 days before this night happens.

We then see Yaman punch Deniz in the face as he doesn’t believe the voice recording he heard is truthful.

Deniz calls Rüya and tells her that Yaman is coming to talk to her and she should be ready to confront him.

Neslihan sees Özge & Güven leaving the hospital where Serhan comes and talks to her in his usual annoying & diabolical way.

Serhan is going after Şebnem yet again and she is putting up a fight, for now at least.

Yaman then comes to Rüya’s house and they sit down and talk. Basically, Rüya is still completely oblivious to Deniz and Yaman is just trying to get through to her.

Neslihan sees Yaman sitting outside the manor and they sit and have a heart-to-heart. I love seeing these scenes with them as they truly are the heart of the show. They basically bond that their love lives aren’t great at all.

Özge & Güven are back home and Deniz tells them how Yaman beat him up for no apparent reason. It goes back and forth between how Deniz is saying he is just trying to help Rüya while Yaman tells Neslihan that he is simply psycho. Yaman provided some comedy in this episode, I won’t lie.

While talking with the kids, they realize they have been duped by Serhan yet again. Serhan told Neslihan he would divorce her for his job back, but Serhan told the kids he would divorce her if they got their end of the will. Classic Serhan manipulation, how refreshing.

Neslihan & Rüya also have a heart-to-heart discussion about losing their fathers at a similar time. Neslihan tries to get to her by saying that Yaman is simply just trying to be there for her.

Yaman is outside waiting when Şebnem comes. Yaman simply disregards her and writes her off immediately, which is quite hilarious. Şebnem is still upset that Rüya won’t speak to her but she can speak to Neslihan. No wonder…

Neslihan then calls Özge and tells her they need to talk.

At the club, we see Tolga calling for his dad as Cesur & his drug buddies are causing him problems. This will come to be important at the end of the episode.

Neslihan & Özge talk about everything going on and it ends with Özge being insulted that Neslihan is “insinuating” her relationship with Güven and not actually about Rüya & Yaman. Honestly, Özge’s true colors are starting to show.

Yaman then comes to Güven and he is mad at him for the problems he has been causing. We then get a very sentimental scene of Yaman pouring out his heart, saying how when anyone causes problems he is to blame. He even says how they blame his own kidnapping on him. Güven sits and watches without saying a word, now realizing just how much pressure Yaman is being put on constantly.

Yaman then drives away holding his hand to his heart, I seriously think this family will give him a heart attack by the end of this show.

Deniz is suddenly at the Soysalan manor chit-chatting with Çağla and meeting Alaz. Alaz is intrigued by him.

Özge then gives Güven an ultimatum, either he raises the child along with her or he isn’t in the child’s life.

Neslihan has a chat with Deniz and makes it very clear that she is on Yaman’s side and sees his manipulative tactics.

Asi is singing at the club while Alaz is watching her from a phone, she cuts the performance short cause the song gets to her due to her & Alaz’s current problems.

Çağla then comes in and gives Alaz relationship advice, who would have thought?

At this point, every character is having trouble with love.

Yaman then searches for Deniz’s name and finds a whole website about a girl who died due to Deniz’s manipulations. 

Alaz & Rüya have a chat which ends with Alaz being intrigued by what Deniz is doing. He also finds out that the voice recording was meant for Yaman but she sent it to Deniz to ‘heal.’ Interesting.

Rüya walks back into her room and Yaman is just sitting there. He shows her the proof and, of course, Rüya thinks he is lying and making it all up. Yes, Rüya has been through traumatic experiences, but this is so out of character for her. 

The next morning, Yaman is printing out copies of what Deniz has done from Ece’s computer. 

It is Rüya’s birthday. Şebnem comes in and goes on about how Rüya is the only good thing in her life. Rüya says she plans on moving out and getting a job so she can be on her own two feet with nothing from her mother.

Güven sees Serhan at the hospital and is confused as to why he is there and tries to kick him out. He goes to Neslihan and demands for her to say why he stayed, and she admits it's so they could divorce in one hearing.

Deniz is suddenly at the club now and is talking to Asi, he really is making his way around everyone in Yaman’s life.

Serhan sends Şebnem some flowers and she continues to resist. I don’t see this lasting that long.

Alaz goes to the club and sees Asi & Deniz having fun and singing together. He is filled with jealousy.

Cesur calls Çağla and asks her if she wants to go out, she says she's going to the club and to pick her up from there.

Yaman confronts Özge about the girl who suffered at the hands of Deniz and tells Yaman she knew about the whole thing. How shady.

Rüya confronts Deniz at the club and he waves it off as nothing. Rüya is not completely convinced this time.

Cesur sees Çağla with Deniz and puts on a macho man demeanor; he has been acting quite inappropriately these past few episodes.

Rüya asks Tolga for a job at the club and he says yes.

Cesur & Çağla are now driving together when a man shoots through Cesur’s window and gets a bullet into his arm. They go to the hospital and Serhan kicks Cesur out calling him horrible names. For once, Çağla defended Cesur, even implying that Serhan was a nobody and the only reason he has money now is because of Neslihan.

Alaz meets up with Yaman at the manor and is now ready to take down Deniz due to seeing him with Asi. He tells him about the voice recording and Yaman says he has a plan in order to take him down. YamLaz crumbs, finally!

Güven tells Özge he is going to take care of the child with her. Her one condition is that they move out of the house and have a fresh start in a new one, basically meaning to try to purge Neslihan out of his life.

Asi is setting up a surprise party for Tolga when Cesur comes in all high and mighty, shooting through the window and calling for Tolga, basically threatening to kill him. Paying no attention to Asi’s life, mind you.

Tolga calls for his dad again, Zafer Demirhan.

Serhan arrives at Güven’s house and sees that it is for sale. He offers Özge a position at the hospital, oh no…

We then see Cesur practically get promoted in the chain of drug dealing, how fun.

Deniz & Rüya arrive at her secret party location. 

Cesur calls Çağla and asks her where she is and she says she is at Tolga’s. Cesur is extremely jealous and decides to head there.

We then see an older doctor retiring from the hospital. Serhan then announces the newest addition to the hospital, Özge… more problems are on the horizon!

Finally, we see Alaz & Yaman arrive at the party. Fancy outfits, fancy cars, YamLaz crumbs!

Yaman has brought two girls from Deniz’s past that he has affected, being them or their relatives. Yaman exposes him in front of everyone, and most importantly, Rüya. 

Yaman leaves and Rüya begs Yaman not to leave on her birthday. He says that she is finally set free and that he is freeing her from the one thing in her life that is real: himself.

Yaman walks away but as he is walking away, he spots Tolga and an arm coming out of a car, patting him on the shoulder. He recognizes the ring and is speechless.

We then see flashbacks from Yaman’s past, including Cesur & Asi. 

And to end this episode, this man, Tolga’s dad aka Zafer Demirhan, abused them as kids and practically stole their childhood from them when they were on the street, VAY!! Now that’s an ending! 

Frankly, I enjoyed this episode! It was better than the last few have been and I have been begging for them to show more of how Yaman survived all these years on the street with Cesur, Asi, & Umut.

In the fragmans, Yaman discusses to Alaz how this man took their childhood but for one of them, it practically ended their life. To me, it seems that this is the man who got Umut paralyzed, but it is unclear as of now. For the first time in a while, I am excited for the next episode.

And with that, I will see you soon with an episode 25 recap arkadaşlar!

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