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Yabani (Wild Heart)

After the loss of Ece, no one reacts as expected, except for Yaman… Yaman doesn’t want the innocent life left behind by Şebnem to grow up without a family like himself. Rüya, Alaz, and Çağla are all siblings to the newborn baby. However, the magnitude of the tragedy is so immense that everyone is being pulled in different directions. Once again, the price of the parents’ sins will be paid by an innocent child.

Serhan’s continued fugitive status forces Neslihan to be excessively protective of her other children even before she can properly mourn. Asi, on the other hand, is involved in developments that could unlock brighter futures with Alaz. However, first, Alaz must overcome the darkness left in his mind by Serhan. The two lovers stand on the brink of a decision that will be a turning point in their lives.

When Serhan learns he has another son, he moves to kidnap him as well. Yaman and Neslihan, noticing the snake lurking insidiously close, fall victim to its venom. In order for their loved ones to move towards a happier future, they must confront this demon one last time, even if it means tormenting their lives.

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