Yabani (S01E11)


Yaman and Alaz rush Çağla to the hospital at the last moment. Neslihan and Serhan are shaken with pain when they see their daughters in that state. At the last moment, Güven foils Serhan's plan and manages to save Umut. Now, his new task is to support the family that has been torn apart by Çağla's pain.

While Eşref raids the house of Rüzgar's family, Serhan informs the police. Everyone is looking for Rüzgar. Rüzgar's plan to escape is disrupted when the police chase him. Unable to get help from his family, Rüzgar has only one place to go.

While Rüya buries the pain of separation and tries to support Yaman, Asi supports Alaz. But it is difficult to restrain two angry young people.  Yaman and Alaz, who spread the news to their friends to find Rüzgar, take action from different arms. It will be up to their father to stop the two boys. Rüzgar escapes from the hands of Yaman and then Alaz, and while he thinks that he will regain his freedom in the place where he took refuge for his life, the decision he makes throws him into a bigger problem.

Neslihan has taken her daughter out of the hospital and brought her to the farmhouse. The whole family comes together to support Çağla. While Çağla tries to recover with the attention of her family, Cesur's mind is also on Çağla. He makes a small request from Rüya. Thinking that the family is at the farmhouse, Rüya goes to see Çağla. But she gets a surprise she never expected.

Yaman and Alaz find a clue about Rüzgar, who they are after.  But this clue leads the two brothers to a dark story they will have to solve.

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