Yabani (S01E12)


After finding blood in the trunk, Alaz and Yaman go to the house in the countryside to find Rüzgar and find Rüya covered in blood.  Alaz and Yaman are determined to get Rüya out of this situation without implicating her, and they are willing to do anything to do so, and they do just that...

His father Adil, who knows that Rüzgar is in that house, goes to find his son and encounters an unexpected scene. Worried about his son, Adil reports to the police. While the Soysalan family members are taken into police custody, Yaman comes to Rüya, who is brought home by Alaz, unaware of this. Yaman takes Rüya and takes them to the bottom of hell, where no one can find them. 

Meanwhile, Cesur and Asi, who are with Çağla, are unaware of everything and are experiencing the tension of not being able to reach Yaman. 

While Neslihan is also experiencing the uneasiness of not being able to reach Yaman Ali, she learns what is happening from Alaz. Without thinking, she goes to 'Cehennemin Dibine' to join Güven and her son, and even though Serhan is furious when he hears this, there is a bigger problem that they have to solve as a family. 

When Alaz goes to the hospital, he comes across a clue and pursues this mystery. Determined to solve the mystery and save Rüya, Alaz will encounter something he never expected at the end of the road. As Asi tells Alaz, he will be crushed under the mystery he has been digging, but who will be the one who can shoulder it all? 

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