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Üç Kız Kardeş


Türkan learns that Mine is the reason why she and Ferit hit the press. When Türkan realizes that Mine has been under the plots, she decides to stay with the Kormans by confronting her family. The fact that Türkan does not return to her home with Sadık and the secrets about Somer come between Nesrin and Sadık. Sadık cannot digest the situations that Nesrin knows about Türkan and has been hiding from him for a long time, and leaves the house.

For Sadık leaving the house, Döner and Derya blame Türkan for choosing to stay with Somer's uncles. Derya's lashing out causes a rift between Türkan and Derya.

Mine tries to use Türkan first and then Rüçhan, claiming her statement to the police as a threat. While Türkan is indecisive about the baby in her womb, Somer tries to convince Türkan of his love.

Rüçhan has to beg Türkan for her son's future after Mine's harsh threats. While Mine tries to get Türkan and Rüçhan to make her wishes through her statement to the police, she insists on her love for Somer and Somer learns about Mine's plots.

Will Mine be able to make Korman's wishes come true? Will Türkan set sail for a future with Somer? Will Sadik and Nesrin be able to reconcile?