Üç Kız Kardeş


When Mine returns home as a result of the deal she made with Rüçhan, she have a big showdown with Türkan. While Türkan challenges Mine to continue her presence in that house, Mine reconsiders her statement to the police in the face of this unexpected attitude. This situation puts Rüçhan in an even more difficult position. He tells that Türkan will leave the house after a while to keep Mine calm. Somer and Türkan, on the other hand, begin to act together on Mine. Somer has to act calmly and cautiously towards Mine for the custody of Kiraz.

On the other hand, Türkan tries to fix her anger with her mother, but she is faced with Nesrin's harsh attitude. While the tension between Sadik and Nesrin continues, Nezahat and Hikmet's efforts to reconcile them are inconclusive. Sadik also leaves Nezahat's house.

While Sevilay and Özer continue to meet despite Mustafa, as a result of Mustafa's warning to his mother, Sevilay makes a decision and asks Özer to stay away from them. Mustafa is also preparing to lure Somer into an emotional trap to hurt Özer. Mine does her best to hurt Türkan until the day she will testify. He gets into a sneaky plan to harm Türkan and her baby.

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