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Üç Kız Kardeş


Türkan experiences great pain and destruction after losing her baby. When she returns home, she shouts to the whole family that Mine intentionally left her to die. However, Mine manages to deftly defend herself against Rüçhan and Somer. While the war between the two women at home continues, Rüçhan does not let go of this business. Mine stays silent for a while to give her expression as they agreed.

Türkan's loss of her baby angers Sadık even more toward Nesrin. After the loss of this baby, who will be a bridge with his daughter, Sadık, who is in deep hope of grandchildren, reunites with Nesrin. He blames Nesrin as responsible for all this. Nesrin then goes to visit Türkan. The gap between mother and daughter widens.

While Özer continues to meet with Sevilay despite Mustafa's warnings, Rüçhan now has information about Sevilay. Türkan goes crazy over Mine's manipulations and tensions arise between her and Somer. She provokes Türkan by posting photos taken at the age of 40 of Mine Kiraz all over the house. Somer makes a plan to improve Türkan's morale and reconcile with her sisters. While advancing his intimacy with the girls and Somer, Mustafa also takes action to shoot Somer and Özer from the heart of his life. Rüçhan clearly understands that Mine specifically meant Türkan's baby. While attacking Mine about this issue, Türkan's approach to Mine is tougher than expected with this fact.