Üç Kız Kardeş


Türkan finds the way out of the swirl of lies she fell into with Somer and Mine by confronting them. But instead of being honest, Mine lies when the three of them are together in order to get Somer back, implying that her relationship with Somer is still ongoing.

Nesrin is worried and curious as she sent her only daughter Türkan with Somer. While Nesrin shares her feelings with Nezahat, they hide the turmoil of Türkan and Somer from Sadık. Türkan comes to take the Cherry baby, which was entrusted to Nesrin.

Due to Mine's love for Somer, she darkens her eyes and throws herself from the balcony, causing some trouble for Somer. While Somer and Türkan are accused of attempting to destroy Mine's life, priority takes care of Mine, which is left unattended in the hospital, and Türkan takes care of Mine's baby Kiraz. Türkan makes a final decision about her marriage and her baby in her womb at the end of her traumas.

Fatih tries to figure out which of Derya and Dönen's daughter is his daughter. Serdar and Derya go to visit Döner, who has started working in Korman Olives. During this visit, young people meet Mustafa.

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