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Üç Kız Kardeş


Somer and Rüçhan want to surprise Türkan on the occasion of her birthday, but the real surprise comes from Türkan and Kartal. When Nesrin learns about Derya's marriage, she calls Derya home to take her to account for it. However, the result of this harsh argument leads to an unexpected development and Dönüş learns the secret that has been kept from her for years. Not ready to face this reality at that moment, Dönüş disappears. Derya, on the other hand, while she has burned her ships against her family, cannot get out of Sevilay's shadow. Türkan and Kartal's meeting for a business dinner causes jealousy in Somer's front. However, this time the consequences of Somer's impulsive actions reflect not only on him but also on his family. When Türkan learns that Dönüş has disappeared, she begins to search for her sister in fear. Witnessing this, Kartal does not hesitate to lend her a helping hand. Türkan is about to embark on a brand new journey with the question she will ask Kartal.  

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