Üç Kız Kardeş


Türkan does not get the answer she expects from her question to Kartal. However, Kartal has another proposal to keep Türkan and Somer together. After Dönüş confronts her past, she falls into a deep and worrying silence. Derya is uncomfortable with the truth she reveals to Dönüş. On the other hand, as she continues to ignore Sevilay's existence and focus on her own life, the differences between her and Mustafa begin to surface even more. After a hesitation about Kartal, Rüçhan uses Mine as a trump card to reconcile Türkan and Somer as soon as possible. A new development about Türkan's baby causes great surprise among everyone. The end of Dönüş's silence will come with a development that will radically change everyone's lives.  

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