Üç Kız Kardeş


Türkan and Somer run into each other at the hotel they go to for the fair and meet Kartal in an unfortunate way at the same time. When Rüçhan realizes the truth about the photos Türkan found, he ends up at Nesrin's and the tension between the two families escalates. Derya and Mustafa try to build a new life for themselves, unaware of the game Sevilay is playing behind their backs. Dönüş is getting closer and closer to her past and who she really is. When Rüçhan learns that Kartal is also at the fair, Rüçhan finally makes an appointment for a meeting with Kartal. However, Kartal makes it clear from the very first moment that he is not as easy prey as the Kormans think. Somer's confession to Türkan puts them on an irreversible path. After what she has heard, Türkan decides to walk her path with her baby and fight her struggle alone. While Rüçhan takes action to prove to Somer that Mine is the killer of Türkan's unborn baby, Türkan starts to take steps for her future life with determination and confidence.

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