Üç Kız Kardeş


The end of the road has come for Türkan and Somer, the judge decides on their divorce. However, Türkan will continue to work at the company because of her promise to Rüçhan. Türkan's decision makes a big noise in the Kalender house. As Rüçhan embraces Türkan, the distance between Türkan and her family grows and the wounds open deeper. Derya loses her patience with Mustafa's last act and leaves the house. With Derya's plan to teach Mustafa a lesson, Mustafa becomes confused about Derya. Dönüş, on the other hand, is unaware that a huge past lies behind a small key she will find by chance. Continuing to work at the same company despite their divorce is very difficult for both Türkan and Somer. However, Rüçhan's plans to bring them back together are not over yet. Rüçhan sends Türkan to the fair, supposedly to rest her head and learn the business. Although Rüçhan thinks that his plans are working perfectly, he has actually opened the door to Türkan's new life with his own hands with this move.  

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