Üç Kız Kardeş


Somer takes all the blame for the photos in Türkan's possession in order not to give Rüçhan away. Both Somer and Türkan are victims of a misunderstanding to which they are no longer a party. Derya suddenly finds herself in Sevilay's house after an argument in the dormitory. As the tension between Derya and Sevilay escalates, Derya meets a completely different Mustafa. As if she has no life of her own, she takes on the problems of everyone in the house and starts to live their lives. For this reason, a distance is growing between her and Serdar that he has not yet realized. When Sadık learns that Dönüş is investigating the past, he finds a way to distract her from this subject, but he cannot calculate where the road will lead. Rüçhan takes a step to convince Türkan and Somer to reverse their decision to divorce. With Rüçhan's step, there are emotional moments on both sides, and the fate of both of them now depends on the answer they will give to the question asked by the judge.

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