Üç Kız Kardeş


Nihat learns that Mine is staying at Somer's house and comes to the house accompanied by the police to pick up Mine and Kiraz. The fact that Somer is taken to the police station creates anxiety on the Rüçhan and Türkan fronts. Mine begins to use her victimhood and the existence of her baby to spend time with Somer. This situation is met with suspicion by Türkan, who is worried about Somer. Nihat gets critical information during the night they spend with Somer at the police station. Nihat plans on Türkan to get Mine and the baby back. Rüçhan blames Türkan for what happened to Somer while trying to protect Somer. The trauma that Nesrin experienced, which caused her to forget many things, gradually leaves place for remembering. As Nesrin begins to question her life again, she confronts the events that brought her to this point one by one. While Derya dreams of leaving her home and even her country to go to Canada with Hakan, Sadık learns about her daughter's intention to live abroad. Return questions Serdar's father, Doctor Metin, if he is talking about the past that his mother is trying to remember.

Will Nihat be able to realize his plans to reunite with Mine? What situations will Nesrin face on her way back to life? Will Hakan be able to keep his promise to Derya to live abroad?

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