Üç Kız Kardeş


Nesrin catches Rüçhan when she is being abusive towards Türkan, and without even listening to what Rüçhan has to say, Nesrin immediately grabs Türkan by the hand and takes her back to her father home. Even though Somer tries to get Türkan back and bring her home, Nesrin does not allow this to happen. In order to convince her mother, Türkan explains that she is in love with Somer and that the days of abuse by Rüçhan Hanım are in the past. However Nesrin is not convinced.
After a long period of time, the fact that Nesrin has regained her memory has the entire family full of joy. Sadık explained to Nesrin some of the events that took place when she hag lost her memory. In order to gain Somer's attention, Mine continues to remind him regarding his daughter Kiraz. Mine who is suffering with severe postpartum depression even though she cannot control herself causes Kiraz harm. The suffering that Kiraz is going through puts Somer in a very difficult position.
When Hakan does not answer his phone, Derya starts to hunt him down. Serdar, Dönüş and Derya all head to Izmir in order to try and find Hakan. Derya with the stress and unhappiness that she is feeling with the disappearance of Hakan as well as the fact that she believes that Fatih is her biological father pushes her into a serious depression. At this point, Serdar is now stuck between the truth and between the little lies between Dönüş and Derya.
Rüçhan becomes very uncomfortable with the existence of Mustafa, and she starts to constantly question why Mustafa is in Ayvalık. Özer once again comes face to face with Sevilay who he was in love with years ago and who is Mustafa's mother.
In spite of all of the obstacles before them, will Türkan and Somer finally be reunited? Will Derya be able to repair her broken heart becau