Üç Kız Kardeş


Somer brings Mine, who is exposed to Nihat's bad behavior, to his mother's house in order to protect her baby. Türkan and Mine begin to live under the same roof. Unaware of everything, Türkan welcomes Mine and her baby with love. The presence of the cherry baby activates Türkan's motherhood feelings. Since Mine doesn't give up on Somer, her presence in the house pushes Somer into a corner. Derya continues her aggressive actions because she believes that Fatih is her father. He gets into trouble in Izmir and asks Hakan for help. Return is alarmed for Derya and they go to Izmir with Serdar. This short trip to Izmir brings Döner and Serdar closer.

While Nesrin is wandering in the dark waters of the past in her mind, the whole family tries to do things that will make Nesrin feel good, on the advice of the doctor. After all the bad events that have passed, the whole family decides to go on a picnic. During a game played by the young people at the picnic, Derya has doubts that Hakan will leave her. Nihat does his best to find Mine and gets help from Fatih.

Will Nihat find Mine? Will Mine survive in Somer and Türkan's house? Will Nesrin be able to get rid of the traumas of the past?