Üç Kız Kardeş


Thinking that Türkan is hiding the truth about Sevilay on purpose, Somer angrily utters irreparable words and takes his frustrations elsewhere with her daughter and Rüçhan. When Rüçhan takes his son to her side, she does not hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity and continues to set Somer against Türkan. Derya and Mustafa get closer. As Derya stands behind her relationship despite everyone and everything, the tension in the Kalender Family grows. In the end, Nesrin has to face Mustafa and Sevilay. While Türkan tries to win him back despite all the distance of Somer, he also comes face to face with his mother about Sevilay. Rüçhan goes to Nesrin to talk about the latest. However, with a development, thanks to Mesut, Rüçhan and Nesrin's relationship becomes pregnant with surprises. While Türkan is holding on to a very good reason to get out of the darkness she is in, all of Türkan's hopes are destroyed when Somer is in the wrong time and place.

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