Üç Kız Kardeş


While the tension between Türkan and Somer gradually increases, the fact that Özer is on his deathbed as a result of the attack increases the distance between them. While Derya and Mustafa make radical decisions about their new lives, they are unaware of the bad surprise waiting for them. Moreover, Derya is moving away from her family step by step for the sake of Mustafa. Rüçhan and Sevilay come face to face again about Özer. However, Rüçhan has no intention of letting Sevilay pass even when Özer is in such a serious situation. While Türkan is doing her best to support Somer in the hospital and also to make her forgive herself, Somer continues to smack Türkan's past mistakes one by one. Thus, he grows his anger towards Türkan even more and clarifies his distant attitude toward her. Türkan, on the other hand, comes to the point of making a new decision about her relationship with Somer, with a moment she witnessed.

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