Üç Kız Kardeş


While Rüçhan thinks that she has won a great victory against Türkan with her game, on the other hand, she is shaken by a dangerous surprise waiting for her. Moreover, Türkan stands upright against Rüçhan's games and signals that he will not be defeated. The arrival of Fatih's daughter from Germany creates sadness in the house on the one hand and joy on the other. Despite her relentless illness, the young girl brought joy to the house, thanks to which the whole Kalender Family came together. However, Dönin's insistence on being a donor always leaves Nesrin and Sadık together. On one side are his own daughters, and on the other, an innocent young girl. Their biggest battle is now with their conscience. Türkan tries to end her partnership with Sevilay without breaking her relationship with Somer, but Somer is determined to find out who Mustafa's mother is. The gift that Fatih's daughter brings for the Return from Germany will turn into a bomb ready to explode for the most unexpected person. Rüçhan's latest plan, who has sworn to defeat Türkan, will confront Türkan and Somer again, and this time the ropes will be tenser than expected.